Friday, September 02, 2011

Collection 2000 Lip Cream Puffs

I have always been a fan of Collection 2000. I think they have really good quality products for such affordable prices - its always a section Im drawn to when I go into a drugstore. I was recently on the hunt for these after seeing Lisa Eldridge use them in her most recent tutorial - and I realised I havent been aware of any matt lip creams at an affordable price so I was really excited to try them.

The Cream Puff's are available in four shades (above) and are described as a 'moisturising lip cream with a velvety soft, matt finish'. There are 5ml in each tube and they have a sponge tip applicator, which I think is perfect for the texture of these lip creams.

Now onto the colours..

Cotton Candy - A Rich Pink Colour
Powder Puff - A lighter nude colour (perfect for lighter skin tones)
Fairy Cake - A more coral-red toned pink
Angel Delight - A slightly darker nude (perfect for darker skin tones)

As you can see they are highly pigmented, and they definitely leave my lips with soft, moisturising finish - not drying at all (as some matt lip products can be).
They also lasted a decent amount of time on my lips - longer than a normal lipgloss would!

Overall I definitely recommend these & I wish they could bring out more shades!
At £2.99 - they're are a real bargain!

Thanks for reading!
Love M, xxxx


  1. love these, I picked one up the other day and put it back, telling myself i didnt need it but after seeing these swatches i think i do!!!

  2. thanks for the swatches, these look amazing! may have to get one next time I go shopping...

  3. oooh i love fair cake. their names are yummy lol

  4. I have Powder Puff and love it! Want the pink and coral ones too :)

    xxx Kat

  5. I got the corally pink one, been meaning to review it, i love the colour! :)

  6. Love the colours! Hopefully I'll be getting this xx

  7. Oooh, I'll definitely have to try one out! Though which one? They're all such gorgeous colours! Just wondering though, do they smell nice? :)xx

  8. Suagr and Silk - they smell gorgeous!! Really sweet xxx

  9. these look so nice! im gonna try them out :) xxxx