Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Simple Ponytail

So maybe there wasn't a burning need to dedicate a whole blogpost to a hairstyle, but recently I've noticed how lovely a high ponytail can look on other people I decided to try it out myself. Most of you know I wear hair extensions so achieving this look can prove a little difficult, but I seem to have mastered it! It's just so easy and quick to do, which means its perfect for work or uni for me.

Do you have a favourite hairstyle?


  1. So pretty, my hair is constantly in a pony tail purely because I'm so bad at hair I just always need to get it off my face so I doesn't annoy me haha :-)

  2. wow, you look so pretty! the ponytail really suits you! I constantly have mine in a ponytail for work so that it's away from my face. :)
    Just followed your lovely blog via GFC.

    FashionProject x

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  4. you look super sweet in this make up! love your wavy ponytail a lot! <3

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  5. Aww you look so pretty! That ponytail looks great on you!

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